A space for family members who accompany and care for their dependant elderly relatives.

Care Well is a space we created and designed to support family caregivers of dependent elderly people and provide them with tools to carry out their tasks.


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of home care tasks fall on a family member, mainly women.

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caregivers who perform care tasks have not completed a training course.



We have found a deficit in the training of non-professional elderly caregivers.


We did so through focus groups, interviews with specialists, and a review of secondary sources.


We designed the solution with an interdisciplinary development team from the public, private, social, and academic sectors.


We wrote scripts and an academic review as well as did the filming and post-production.

Launching: :

We launched the virtual course and the Forum on Innovation, Care, and Public Policy.

We offer free training, information on care, and support networks to help caregivers.

Tablet Care Well

Forum on Innovation, Care, and Public Policy

We developed a space to rethink family care for the elderly. Leaders from the public, private and civil society sectors meet to create and implement solutions.

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