About us

Who we are

Impacto Digital is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that seeks to develop technological and innovative solutions to social problems from a human rights perspective.

How we do it

We believe that if we put innovation and technological development at the service of human rights, we can boost the impact made by civil society organizations, international organizations, academia, governments, and companies and build a more just, equal, democratic, sustainable, and inclusive world.

Our distinctive approach is centered around the detection of concrete needs and the implementation of innovative, highly efficient, community-based solutions which, through technology, are reproduced and expanded allowing us to impact the living conditions of thousands of people.

Our team

Alfoso Aguilera

Alfonso Aguilera

Alfon is a data scientist and social technician. He is self-taught and his areas of expertise include innovation models, programming, human rights, teaching, economy, and business.

Manuel Aguilera

Manuel Aguilera

Manu is a sociologist, specializing in human rights and social innovation programs. He is a consultant for international cooperation agencies, such as UNESCO and the IACHR.

Florencia Salvador

Florencia Salvador

Flor is a lawyer and specializes in the institutional development of social organizations. She is a Salesforce senior consultant and advisor for the improvement and optimization of work processes. 

Briseida Milán Lemus

Briseida Milián Lemus

Bri is working on her Ph.D. in political science, has a master’s in human rights, and is an activist. She has worked with social organizations, international agencies, and state institutions.

Sofía Raninqueo

Sofía Raninqueo

Sofi is a communication specialist with expertise in gender and diversity. She is a communication and digital marketing consultant for United Nations agencies.

Martina Ansardi

Martina Ansardi

Marti is a gender and diversity advisor for both the executive and legislative branches of the Argentinian government. She is a leader in the Nadia Echazú trans movement and cofounder of the Generem association (Barcelona, Spain). 

Luciana Azul Taborda

Lu is a career-oriented psychologist and senior recruiter. She was part of multidisciplinary companies providing tools that facilitate the well-being of the members of the organization. Activist for the rights and opportunities of the Trans / Travesti collective.

Gilma Vieira

Gilma Vieira

Gilma has a degree in Social Work (UnB, Brazil) and a Master's in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNSAM). She is a consultant on ethnic-racial issues, with a focus on Afro-descendant populations. She is a member of the UNFPA Afro-descendant youth advisory committee and is a researcher at the Policy Observatory for Afro-descendant women in Argentina of the Network of Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and Diaspora Women.

Euguenia Urrere

Eugenia Urrere

Euge has a degree in administration (UBA), with a specialization in the management of social organizations (UCA). She has worked in various institutions, mainly small businesses, and has been working specifically in the administration of civil society organizations for the past 6 years.
Damian Sierra

Damian Sierra

Dami has a degree in broadcasting, an announcer and is currently studying journalism. For 15 years he has produced audiovisual materials focused on achieving a harmonious coexistence between creativity and the message that you want to convey. He did work for different formats such as film, television, radio, live events, social networks, etc.

Eliana Placci Ardit

Eliana Placci Ardit

Eli is a social communicator (UNC) with a background in transfeminist gender perspectives and queer theory. He lives in Córdoba where he works in the development and design of economic and organizational strengthening processes for self-managed and community projects.


Gio is a graphic designer, community manager and illustrator, specialized in Gender and Queer Theory. He co-founder of the Non-Binary Assembly of Buenos Aires and Rosario. He graduated from the Diploma of Gender, Politics and Participation of the UNGS.

Flavia Diaz

Fla is a communicator (UBA) with an orientation in journalism. She trained and worked in advertising. During her time in agencies and projects related to human rights, she specialized in the press. Together with four partners (and her friends), she co-founded the communication agency Runrún.

Ma. Azul Schvartzman

María Azul Schvartzman

Azul is an environmentalologist by training, project manager by trade. He specializes in climate change and public participation processes. Argentina was a delegate to the G20, COY15 and COP25. He is currently also a Youth Fellow in the COP26 Climate Action Champions team.

Our Steering Committee

Juan Bautista Baistrocchi

Juan Bautista Baistrocchi

Mailen de la Maria

Mailen de la Maria


Mailen Perez Tort

Mailén Pérez Tort


Nicolás Pellicciaro

Nicolás Pellicciaro


Why we do it

Because we can. But more than that, we are convinced that through technology we can foster social impact and access to rights as well as solutions to social issues that can be more effective, measurable, applicable, and sustainable over time. In this way, we can improve the everyday life of diverse communities.

We believe that new technologies are an opportunity for us and the various actors we work with to take on social issues and create collaborative, transparent, and large-scale solutions to build a more democratic, just, equal, sustainable, inclusive, and diverse society.

Trust us:

How do we get funding?

The only way to propel a transformative project is by being professional, responsible, and transparent. Take a look at our annual accountability report. 


Do you like what we do?

Since we don’t charge for our services, we sustain ourselves through contributions and voluntary funding. If you would like to see more of our work carried out, you can contribute here.

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