Invisible Women

Purpose of the Project:

This audiovisual campaign aims to raise awareness about the different forms of violence suffered by elderly women in Buenos Aires.


Project Description:

Violence against women is an issue that has been at the forefront of public debate in recent years. However, most public policies and awareness campaigns on this matter consider women as children, adolescents, or adults, leaving out a population that is twice as vulnerable: that of elderly women. For this reason, from Impacto Digital, in alliance with Isalud University and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, we launched Invisible Women.



The vulnerable situation of elderly women is twofold. On the one hand, they suffer the consequences of living in a society unequal between men and women. On the other, they suffer from the marginalization – or even discrimination – that is exercised against the elderly. Thus, in addition to the inequalities suffered by all women, they are faced with other types of problems specific to their age:


  • They encounter obstacles to staying in or entering the labor market if they so wish.
  • They suffer physical and emotional violence, in most cases, from a family member.
  • Their autonomy is questioned.
  • They suffer financial abuse in different forms.
  • Others impose a timetable on them.
  • “Grandparenthood” is expected of


Therefore, the main objective of this project was to raise awareness about the public resources an elderly woman and victim of violence can access. Thus, through different videos and actions on social platforms, it was proposed not only to inform the population about the problems these women experience but also to provide useful tools to address them. The idea, production, and realization of the video were carried out in May 2020, and it was broadcast the following month.


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