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We work on innovative, technological, measurable, and applicable solutions that are sustainable over time to solve concrete social issues and promote systemic transformations.

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A program for the prevention of gender-based violence through the promotion and strengthening of Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI).
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We seek to improve the opportunities for socio-labor insertion of Trans and Non-Binary people.
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A space thought and designed for family members who accompany and care for dependent elderly people.
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We seek to combat racism and make visible the Afro populations that have been historically denied so that the States implement public policies that allow us to imagine more inclusive futures, more Afro.
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Our projects

We also like to manage projects and events, produce positive social impact campaigns with a human rights perspective, while, of course, boosting innovation. Learn about what we’ve done!

Workshops on Imagining the Future of Honduras


Together with UN Honduras and the participation of UNESCO, UNFPA, and UNICEF, we produced a three-day youth forum to design the United Nations Honduras strategic plan.



A series of videos that shows youth-led experiences from all over the world that were mobilized during the pandemic. Produced for the UNESCO Global Youth Community.

It’s Work, Not Help


A campaign launched alongside ILO Argentina that seeks to raise awareness about the rights of domestic workers and strengthen dialogue between them and their employers.

Strengthening Community-Based Initiatives


Development of a device that seeks to make the investment of resources more efficient by the ICRC, provide concrete tools to organizations and accompany the ideation and implementation of their initiatives.

Moral Lab


Moral Lab is an experience that seeks to defy the perceptions and knowledge of the world. It invites us to think (about ourselves) differently and put (ourselves) to the test in a fun and safe environment, whilst incorporating disruptive and innovative technologies.

Invisible Women


An audiovisual campaign whose objective is to raise awareness about the different forms of violence elderly women suffer. Along with iSalud and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Flow XP

Qatar and United States

A traveling, immersive experience about the future of work designed to stimulate education and reflection on the topic. Developed alongside Eidos Global.

Skills for the Future


A space where leaders from the private sector met to reflect on the main challenges of training the new generations. In co-production with Eidos Global.

Volunteer Management Platform


We worked with TECHO to improve volunteer management of Civil Society Organizations.

UNESCO - 12 Day Until the 12th

Central America

A campaign of 12 videos proposing 12 challenges to the youth in celebration of International Youth Day. Along with UNESCO San José and in collaboration with La vuelta al Mundo, Chicas en Tecnología, Bellamente, Fusa AC, and Migrantas.

Do it Yourself Technology Without Age


During the pandemic, we partnered with Supervielle and Surcos Asociación Civil to generate digital content for the elderly.

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Since we don’t charge for our services, we sustain ourselves through contributions and voluntary funding. If you would like to see more of our work carried out, you can contribute here.

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