Do It Yourself: Technology Without Age

Purpose of the Project:

In alliance with Surcos AC, we produced content for Do it Yourself: Technology without Age with the aim of increasing the elderly population’s independence, cooperative learning, and inclusion in information and communication technologies as well as financial education.


Project Description:

A large percentage of the elderly population has limited or no access to virtual platforms. Becoming familiar with information and communication technologies is of great importance since it promotes greater social and community inclusion while decreasing segregation and isolation due to ignorance and lack of access to said technological resources.


We believe that “digital culture” is embedded in the simplest and most everyday aspects of our activities; it plays a fundamental role in extending the active and independent life of the elderly through promoting self-management of health. Furthermore, in the context of a health emergency, where restrictions have been placed on crowds of people, technologies minimize and resolve space-time limitations. This allows older people to continue communicating and promoting collaborative and cooperative learning, facilitating access to local resources and promoting independence in daily life.


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