Workshops on Imagining the Future of Honduras

Purpose of the Project:

A virtual event to involve young people from Honduras, including vulnerable populations, in United Nations strategic planning.


Project Description:

Changes are achieved with the participation of all members of society. In Honduras, young people make up a large part of the population, and therefore, their contributions are key to generating solutions to current challenges. The empowerment and participation of youth in the development of a country are vital to ensure a sustainable future.


For this reason, we, along with the United Nations System, invited young people to participate in the Workshops on Imagining the Future of Honduras: a space where the youth could contribute their ideas to build a common vision of the country, explore opportunities, propose alternatives to reconstruction, and provide fresh ideas for achieving the 2030 Agenda.


The Workshops on Imagining the Future of Honduras were a space to listen to their voices, exchange ideas, converse with leaders of Honduras, and participate in talks on social innovation.



Lack of participation of young people in United Nations strategic planning.


We invited young people from Honduras to send their ideas to change the future of Honduras and to participate in virtual training on social innovation, exchange ideas with other young people, and talk with leaders of their country. .


The event was held on March 22, 23, and 24 and included the participation of the Honduran youth, representatives of the United Nations System, and the government of Honduras.


3 days of training, imagining, and creating solutions for the future of Honduras for more than 50 young people.

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