We seek to improve the socio-labor opportunities for trans people.

Hire Trans is a comprehensive program that we created to accompany trans people entering the workplace

We open job searches. We help trans people apply to all types of jobs and we train companies, organizations, and the state in diversity in order to ensure safe spaces.



years is the life expectancy of trans people.

70% 70% 70%

have never gone to a job interview after expressing their gender identity.


90% 90% 90%

do not have access to formal employment.

70% 70% 70%

of trans women practice sex work.

Source: La Revolución de las Mariposas. A diez años de La Gesta del Nombre Propio, 2017.



We identified that the main barrier for trans people to getting a job was finding inclusive and non-discriminatory workplaces.


We carried out two diagnoses, one from Argentina and the other from Latin America and the Caribbean, based on the socio-labor situation of trans people.


In alliance with organizations that work with this population, we designed the solution by centralizing and connecting the existing informal networks with a team made up of trans people.


We created a platform for uploading resumes and preselection of profiles for job searches as well as developed a virtual course.


Launch of a job center, a virtual course, and online training.

We offer an exclusive job board for trans people, training, advice, and awareness campaigns. We collaborate with:

Tablet Hire Trans

Festival for Trans Labor Inclusion

Additionally, we promote a festival, together with community actors, to think about strategies for trans labor inclusion and raise awareness about rights violations.


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