How is Impacto Digital financed?

In addition to the social commitment, professionalism and creativity that we pour into each of our initiatives, we understand that transparency is a fundamental pillar when creating innovative solutions to social problems. The trust that our allies, financiers, donors and beneficiaries have in us is our main asset, and that is why we want anyone to be able to access our transparency report with just one click.
We want you to know how much money we get and what we spend it on.


During 2021 we promoted 4 programs, 6 virtual courses, 11 human rights campaigns and 3 strengthening projects for social organizations. We did all of this in El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, the United States, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala and Argentina, because we believe in the development of technology for the common good.


Technological development and access to technology are not separate discussions. While 99 percent of the population became poorer during the pandemic, the fortunes of the 10 richest billionaires on the planet doubled (Source: Oxfam), largely thanks to the concentration of markets produced precisely by new technologies.


For the past two years, the pandemic and technology have been articulated in ambiguous ways. On the one hand, despite intermittent isolation, technology has allowed us to stay more connected than ever. Science pressed the accelerator fully and a few months into the confinements we already had instant tests, nanotechnology masks and a vaccine developed in record time. But at the same time, inequality deepened. More than a year after the first shot, vaccination rates in high-income countries are seven times higher than in African countries. At this rate, Africa will not reach the 70 percent vaccinated threshold until August 2024.


But there are other ways out of this crisis. At Impacto Digital we believe in putting innovation and technological development at the service of human rights, and for this reason we develop and campaign for free access technology and open license (if you want, you can visit our campus and learn about some of the free courses that we launched this year). We believe that technological innovation must be at the service of the energy transition, the elimination of gender inequality, the end of racism and transphobia, and the guarantee of a dignified aging. We believe in the right to mental health, in the active participation of young people and in the construction of work spaces free of discrimination.


I hope you like what we do. If you would like to support us so that we can continue to defend Human Rights in an efficient, innovative, transparent, and participatory way, you can donate to Impacto Digital and join our donor community.


For a 2022 with more hugs, less pandemic (enough please!) and less inequality.


Manu Aguilera
Executive Director

Our legal status

General data 2021

We work for a world where technology and innovation are at the service of human rights
Financing received in Impacto Digital
International agencies and embassies. 58,55%

USD 153.159,34

Individual donors. 1,94% 

USD 5.085,56

Foundations and companies. 33,82%

USD 88.467,55

State institutions.


USD 3.095,43

Term deposits. 0,57%


USD 1.481,94

Reserve 2020. 3,93%


USD 10.288,30



USD 261.578,12

Impacto Digital Expenses

Expenses of Management Board.



USD 27.025,44

Administrative and accounting expenses. 3,33%

USD 8.543,81

Institutional Communication. 2,82%

USD 7.222,46

Institutional Development. 6,45%

USD 16.520,35

Programs. 30,44%


USD 77.992,61

Human Rights communication campaigns and projects. 13,13%


USD 33.637,66

Digital education projects.



USD 15.067,03

Projects to strengthen community organizations. 3,81%


USD 9.770,39

Reserve fund for ongoing programs.



USD 55.156,24



USD 261.578,12

*Although the expenses were in Argentine pesos, we expressed them in USD for our international allies. The calculation is an estimate and the value of the official dollar of June 2021 ($95.75) is taken as a reference..

Communication and human rights campaigns and projects

We also like to manage projects and events for a limited time, produce courses and campaigns with a positive social impact with a human rights perspective and, obviously, promoting innovation. Look at everything we did in 2021!

Virtual events
Communication Campaign
Virtual Products

Do you like what we do?

Since we don’t charge for our services, we sustain ourselves through contributions and voluntary funding. If you would like to see more of our work carried out, you can contribute here.

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